No-Battery Flashlights

No battery flashlight

The no battery flashlight is a flashlight that it literally has no battery on the inside. This means that it has alternative systems to produce energy, but the device will work only while “this alternative system” is working. In general, they are not really that useful and high-quality no battery flashlights are almost inexistent. They are ok to help in an emergency, but for sure they will not solve it.

How does a no battery flashlight work?

Depending on the system, but in general what happens is something similar to a hand crank flashlight or a wind-up flashlight. Basically, the user generates energy by pressing and releasing a button, this goes through a gear system and finally a generator that generates the energy. However, since there is no battery on the inside, there is no possible way to store that energy or to charge it for a specific moment for later use. The second the user stops using the system, the power fades away, and the light is off.

Pros of having a no battery flashlight

The main pro here is that something is better than nothing, no battery flashlights are not really that effective. To begin with, imagine pressing a button at the same time you are trying to aim the light towards the place you want to light, it is not really that comfortable, right?

So, if you are in the dark, for sure some light will be better than no light, but it is not really an efficient product.

Another good thing is the price since most of the no battery flashlight is made in China, they are really cheap and easy to replace. Finally, most of the models available in the general market are at least waterproof; this means that at least it will work while it is raining.

Cons when purchasing a no battery flashlight

The main con is that since the pressure of pressing the button will vary all the time, thus the gears will work at a different pace all the time, it will result in a light that is very unstable. Plus, as we said before, aiming the flashlight towards where you want while pressing the button or whatever system it has to create the energy is not going to be an easy task.

Finally, the lack of ability to store energy makes these products almost useless. We recommend just having one for a worst-case scenario, but if you want to rely on a product of this kind for real blackout emergency, then we would suggest going for a wind-up battery flashlight with an internal battery.

No battery flashlight buyer’s guide

The most important thing to look out for is which is the system that will generate the energy. Be sure to understand this and to know for a fact that you are able to engage that system into action. Then, you can think about which light color, if it is going to be a LED light or not, size, etc. Have in mind, that they are really cheap products so you can go ahead and try to buy one that is a bit better quality than the cheapest in the search list.

Conclusion – Is it worth buying and having a no battery flashlight?

It is not really worth going through all the travel of buying a no battery flashlight, however, since they are cheap products and easy to replace, having at least one near is for sure better than not having one at all.

Also, if you are planning to go somewhere where you will get wet, getting a waterproof product will make in the end a useful product.

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