Hand Crank Phone Charger

The Hand Crank Phone Charger

Probably one of the most important safety features that need to be in any emergency kit is having a hand crank phone charger that allows you to charge your phone battery wherever you are and whenever you need.

How does the hand crank phone charger work?

It works like every other phone charger, basically, the user just connects the mobile device to the charger, and that is it. The only difference is that, instead of being plugged into the wall or your car, these kinds of chargers have a hand-crank in which the user starts rotating it. This creates energy that is converted into a charge that is passed to the phone.

As long as you have energy in your arms to keep going, the phone will be charging. It is a great feature especially if you are going outdoors for long periods of time in which having an electric power supply may not be an option for hours or even days. On the plus side, it does not require any actual strength, although if you want to get a lot of energy out of it, some resistant will be needed.

[Pros] for the hand crank phone charger

Easy to carry, extremely light, and not expensive at all, all these features make this invention a must on your kit.

Keep in mind that besides the obvious utility of making an emergency phone call, most smartphones today also come with GPS, SMS capabilities plus a compass which will let you know the directions.

Do not underestimate all the possibilities that having a working smartphone can provide, even if you are out of cell coverage you may be able to access offline to maps, notes, clips, etc. That can change a dangerous situation to a “no worry situation.” Furthermore, on the not so tragic side, you can also take pictures and videos to capture the best moments of your trip and later show them to everybody.

[Cons] for the hand crank phone charger

It is very important to have in mind that even the high-quality hand crank phone chargers will only provide a small amount of energy after a lot of effort. Do not expect to have a full battery after a couple of seconds of workout, and also if the phone is dead (Battery is drained out completely), sometimes the phones require a minimum percentage of charge to start (Usually 2-3 %). As a rule, a couple of minutes with this device will give you enough battery to send an SMS or use the GPS/ Compass of the device, and about half an hour of constant work out will give you enough time for a brief phone call.

Lastly, as almost any device that generates energy, it is most fragile. If the device gets hit or it is dropped it may stop working without any possibilities of a fixed unless taken to service shops. Something similar happens with liquids, these kinds of devices are almost guaranteeing to stop working with minimum contact with liquids, and this includes, of course, regular rainfall.


Since the hand crank phone charges are not expensive, they are very small and easy to carry, they will for sure be a great addition to any emergency kit. Just be sure not to hit it, drop it or let it get wet even by rainfall or liquids. If the times comes to use it and it is broken, you will be very unhappy about that situation.

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