Natural Gas Conversion Kit For Generators

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Natural Gas & Propane Conversion Kits for Generators

A generator is, in my opinion, the most important piece of anybody's emergency plan. Power grid failure is the most common type of emergency encountered by people who live in cities or rural area. So be prepared for the most likely emergency that you will experience, a power grid failure. It really should be at the top of your survival emergency list. So on this page we I will explain the benefits and differences between the natural gas generators and propane generators.

It is surprisingly easy to get prepared for this emergency. With one of the more expensive pieces of survival gear. All you have to do is buy a generator which is available pretty much everywhere. Well, except when you need one the most. You would be wise to not wait until everybody in your city or town needs a generator. We review a few natural gas conversion kits for generators below. If you have any interest in them or just want some more information. Then go ahead and click one of the Amazon links. Just to be honest with our readers, we do get a small percentage of any sale we make for Amazon. This is how we keep this website up and running and always growing.  Whatever type of generator you end up buying make sure you buy it before the emergency.

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Don't get left with the last generator for sale

Americas Failed Power Grid

Most people don't realize just how fragile the infrastructure of America's power grid is. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, a power outage is the most common emergency that Americans see by far. Every month the Energy Information Administration (EIA) puts out a report that shows the power outages across America. This report shows how literally 1,000,000's of people lost power the first few months of 2017. The report also shows the time from "Event Date" to "Restoration Date". This stat tells you how long the Families were out of power for and most of the 1,000,000's of families were out of power for 24-48 hours.

I hope this illustrates just how fragile our power grid is and just how important owning a generator is. The first time you lose power and have to throw away all of the food that's in your freezer or refrigerator. That could have covered the cost of the generator itself. Trust me I know.......

Natural Gas Conversion Kit for Generators

My first gas generator was a life saver when my power went out for the first time as a dad with a family. I am very thankful that I was smart enough to purchase it before it was too late. But there was a major problem with my generator. Something so simple and so common that it was pretty amazing that I had overlooked it.

[Problem Number 1] My first problem was that since the power was out across my city there was no gas. I did not have to be a genius to figure out very fast that without gas, I was only gonna get about 12-18 hours worth of electricity. That did not go over well with the wife and kids because that meant no A/C and no tablets. So I had to begin the hunt for more fuel for the gas-guzzling emergency generator. It was a scary feeling seeing all the gas stations either without power.Or the gas stations that did have power were completely out of gas with cops protecting the gas station employees.

[Problem Number 2] Storing gasoline for an emergency situation. After my debacle of not having enough gas for my generator. I decided to store some gas. So I decided to get a 25-gallon drum to hold some high-grade gasoline for my generator. I put it in the corner of my garage and promptly forgot about it. We went a full year before we experienced another power grid failure. When we did I was as confident as good be that I had learned my lessons from the previous power grid failure.

My Power Outage Solutions

I was sure that I had corrected my mistake of not having enough gasoline for my household generator. Well, when I went to my carefully placed 26-gallon barrel of gasoline, pounded my chest and opened the lid. I found out quickly that although I had solved 1 problem( no Gas) I was smack in the middle of another problem ( bad gas). It had sat too long and the gas went bad so no A/C and no tablets.

That's when I decided to go with a propane generator. Because I can store plenty of propane and natural gas will not go bad. But when I started to do research on natural gas generators I realized that they were very expensive. And by this point, I owned 2 gas generators and my parents owned 2 generators as well. So I thought that there had to be a solution that I was missing. That's when I came across natural gas conversion kit for generators.

A YouTube video to show you how to install a natural gas conversion kit onto your generator

As you can see from the video of him converting this gas generator into a natural gas generator it is very easy. You do not need to be a mechanic to convert to a natural gas generator. I have searched the internet for the clearest and most precise instructions on this natural gas conversion for generators. I did this to save you time and to utilize YouTubes awesome power of information sharing. So go ahead and check it out. At the very least you learned another useful prepper skill. That will come in handy during the real emergency.

Natural gas conversion kit for generators.

I found the world of natural gas conversion kits for generators. It was the perfect solution for my situation.Because now I did not have to replace my expensive household generators with a natural gas generator. With this kit, you are able to simply convert your gas generator to a natural gas or propane generator. And it is surprisingly easy to do. You only need a few tools and minimal skill. You do not have to be a small engine mechanic to get converted to a natural gas generator.

So I am going to try and explain the differences and save you some time on buying a natural gas conversion kit for the generator. Let my mistakes help you save money and time on this project. All of the natural gas conversion kits for generators that I review here are available from Amazon. I like Amazon because if you're a prime member you will get free 2-day delivery and a great warranty and customer service. Even if you don't buy the natural gas conversion kit for generators that are on this site. You can at least follow the link to Amazon and see the reviews that are for that product. You will also be able to see different natural gas conversion kits that they offer.

Natural Gas Conversion Kits For Generators #1

Predator 68530 (Gen-8750) Natural Gas / Propane Conversion Kit

This is a natural gas conversion kit is offered on Amazon form Century a leader in the industry. This conversion kit is made to work with a single cylinder engine only. You will also need to move the air cleaner box out an 1-1-1/4" This could result in the frame of the generator needing to be slightly modified. You will need 1 extra part for this natural gas conversion kit for generators if you want to attach this to a portable propane tank. It is a propane hose assembly. If you don't already have one you can click the Amazon link below and it will show a great option for this.

SEK-05-12A 12 Feet Propane Hose Assembly

This natural gas conversion kit for generators is the best way to convert your existing gasoline generator into a propane generator, natural gas generator or a tri-fuel generator. Don't rely on only gasoline as your primary source of fuel in an emergency situation. Make sure this part of your emergency kit is diversified so you have multiple options. Gas has a very limited shelve life and you need the power to get it from the gas stations. Natural gas or propane can be stored much longer and natural gas is not on peoples radar when the crisis hits.

I do not recommend that you take gas generators out of the equation completely.Because here on this site, we preach diversification in all things skill and gear alike. So I would suggest to you that you keep multiple fuels and multiple conversion kits so that you can go from one fuel to another with minimal work.

Bottom line for this Natural Gas Conversion Kit

I love the idea of having multiple fuel option for my home generator. So I highly recommend converting your home generator into a natural gas or propane generators. You have to make sure that you are getting the correct conversion kit for the generator that you have. but if this is the size that you are looking for then I highly recommend this conversion kit for generators.

Natural Gas Conversion Kits For Generators #2

Impco Propane Conversion Kit Onan Marquis 550 generator 5.5 HP

Converting your home generator to these natural gas conversion kits are all ruffly the same.It is actually about getting the proper natural gas conversion kit for whichever home generator that you own or are looking to buy. Once you have that figured out then you are halfway there. if this natural gas conversion kit is the proper size for you then follow the link to check it out.

This kit does not include the propane hose assembly.But you can click the link that is included the first natural gas conversion kit we reviewed. I don't think any conversion kit come with the propane assembly hose.But a little trick inv case you are in an emergency situation is that every propane grill has this hose assembly attached to it already. You can go take it off of that to help you if you are in a situation that you need power.

Bottom line for this Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Again there is not much difference. I really just wanted to give you multiple options. But the fact is that all natural gas conversion kits for generators are pretty much the same. But with that said this is a very high-quality propane conversion kit for generators. This conversion kit will work perfectly for your needs.

Natural Gas Conversion Kits For Cars

Now as a true prepper and survivalist. We have to realize that if we can convert our gas generator to natural gas then we can probably do the same for our cars. Well, you can! There are kits that are made specifically for natural gas conversion for cars.

Just like in the propane conversion kits for generators. You have to get the proper propane conversion kit for your motor. Unfortunately, you can not convert a car with a modern fuel injection system to propane or natural gas. You have to have an older car that has the older carburetor system. At that point, you just need to figure out which natural gas conversion kit size you need.

For sake of time, we are going to include just this one review for converting your car to natural gas.There are dozens and dozens of different conversion kits for different motors. But we are going with what we think would be the most common type of older car you would find in an apocalyptic situation. Maybe you just happen to have an older car in the garage that you just want to convert to natural gas.

Natural Gas Conversion Kit For Cars

Impco Chevy 350 V8 Propane Kit / Holley 4 Barrel Small Block

This is a natural gas conversion kit for a V8 350small block. Now, this motor will not be the most common motor you will find on the street during an emergency situation. But you will not be able to convert those cars anyway because of their fuel injection system. So if you are in the market for a natural gas conversion kit for your small block. Then this is the conversion kit for you. If you need to find a different size for your car then just click the link and look through amazons extensive inventory for this type of natural gas conversion kit.

Bottom line for this Natural Gas Conversion Kit For Your Car

If you have a 350 V8 small block then you need this propane conversion kit for cars. Remeber transportation in the apocalypse is extremely important. If you already have the hot rod then get the conversion kit.

The Benefits Of Being Prepared For A Power Grid Failure

We hope that this has helped you in a small way in figuring out a secondary method of providing power to your family in emergency situations. The most important thing is to be diversified in your survival strategy. And make sure you have renewable energy gear like hand-crank flashlight/radios we talk about on our site. Having a gas generator is great and having lots of gas is also great. But we have learned that this plan does not always cover all of our bases in our need for power. So you must have alternative power sources. That is where natural gas conversion kits for generators come in handy. You are able to take your existing gas generator and convert it to an alternative fuel source.

Another option for You is that you can use your gas generator as-is with gas until the gas runs out and then convert it to natural gas or propane. This way you can drastically prolong your fuel consumption so you can keep the lights on as long as possible. That way the family stays happy and comfortable while you wait for the power grid to come back online. You can also convert your generator to natural gas or propane beforehand and then you will only have to store propane or natural gas in case of an emergency.

You can also convert your generator to natural gas or propane beforehand. This way you will only have to store propane or natural gas in case of an emergency. This is necessary for some people who do not have the extra room to store a lot of fuel. Especially if you have to store multiple types of fuel. That is one of the drawbacks of keeping multiple types of fuel for your power consumption. So you really just have to sit back and think about your families current needs and what you think your families needs would be at the time of disaster. Then create a family disaster plan accordingly to those needs.

Either way, make sure that you have power for your families times of need. If you chose to go with multiple sources of fuel or if you chose to stay with just 1 source of fuel. Be the genius on the block that thought ahead and took care of your family when everybody else was sleeping. Make sure you can keep the lights and A/C on all week while the power company is running around in circles trying to get the power back on. Be the light for your family inside the darkness. Remember the mind of a prepper - Be Prepared and Stayed Prepared -