Wind-up flashlight

The Wind-up flashlight

There is something that is going to happen every night for the rest of humanity, that is that the night and thus the darkness will fall every day. This means that for centuries humanity has discovered different ways to keep the lights on after dark.

When going away on a trip or to the wild, there a lot of different things that you can take with you to replace things that are only available in the city. A cellphone, a kitchen, a flashlight, a bed, etc. However, most of these things usually require energy to work. In the case of flashlights, they usually work either by a regular battery, or they have a rechargeable battery that requires the user to connect the flashlight to the socket usually once per day.

Now, you can buy and take with you what is called wind up flashlights; these flashlights have a particular feature which is that they do not need to be plugged in to get recharged. Even though there are several models, the wind-up flashlight is one of the most common and famous ones. Other models can work through shaking the flashlight, or they have a button that you pressed to charge.

How does a wind-up flashlight work?

The principle is still the same in all the wind-up flashlight types; you use movement provided by your muscles that are converted into energy. This energy is converted and stored in the flashlight battery, and it provides a certain amount of light time. Of course, depending on the size of the LED or light of the device how much or less long the light will actually stay on. When the battery dries out is very simple, the user just needs to wind-up the flashlight again, and it is ready to use.

Pros of having a wind-up flashlight

The pros of having a wind-up flashlight are more than one, first of all, these kinds of flashlights are not only thought for a trip to the wild. Having a wind-up flashlight makes perfect sense at home (where there can be blackouts), in the car, on the garage, on a travel kit and of course if going away on a trip.

Imagine the endless sensation of knowing that as long as you can move your arm a little bit, you will have access to light, priceless right?

Opposite to the other models of non-traditional-power flashlights, the wind-up kind has the advantage that they still have an inside battery that is rechargeable; this means that you can first charge it, and then use it without the need to do both things at the same time, which can be very annoying. Depending on the models and your strength, in general, one minute of cranking or winding is enough for at least half an hour of light, especially with the new low-consumption led lights that are now available.

Another pro is that there are also wind-up flashlights that are water proof, this means that even if it is raining very hard or the device falls into the water, it will still work after that. Furthermore, there are also models that are hit proof, so you are a guarantee to have a working hand crank flashlight even in the worst conditions.

Cons when purchasing a wind-up flashlight

Like anything that has an integrated battery that is able to be recharged, this internal battery eventual wears off, and it is no longer capable of being recharged. This means that after you have purchased an item of this kind you have to check periodically that the battery is still working properly.

Depending on the quality of the model you buy how many times you should be able to recharge the battery, but as a rule, they last for about 500 full charges. Also, you have to have in mind that the wind-up system can break as well, so you have another extra con to look out for.

Wind-up flashlight buyer’s guide

The most important thing to consider when buying a wind-up flashlight are the features of it. Is it waterproof/ hit proof? And how many times can the internal battery be recharged? With this two bullet point you cover the basics of purchasing one, then, in general, all the models available online have a similar quality and are mostly made in China. As long as you are buying from a certified page, general quality will not be a problem.

Conclusion – Is it worth buying and having a wind-up flashlight?

Most definitely, not only for a trip but having one can be a life changer on the next emergency like a full power breakdown. These kinds of the flashlight are very useful, they can be charged over 500 times, and they are not expensive at all. Plus, opposite to other models of manually charging flashlight, you do not have to be cranking it while you want to use it as the power can be stored inside the unit. Furthermore, the new models come with low-consumption LEDs which makes one minute of charging enough for 30 minutes of light.

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