Hand Crank USB Charger

Hand crank USB charger

Like a phone charger that works with a hand crank, the hand crank USB charger is a regular USB charger that instead of being plug to a power supply socket, it comes with an integrated hand crank that when roll creates energy that it is stored into the internal battery making the device ready to be used. These are commonly found on hand crank flashlights.

How does a Hand crank USB charger work?

The basic system converts the energy generated from rolling the hand crank into regular energy, then through different processes, it is converted and stored into the device. Depending on the quality of the hand crank USB charger the ratio of “cranking vs. power,” but as a rule, we can say that one minute of good cranking is enough for about 15-20 minutes of energy, this, of course, will also vary depending on the device you are trying to charge.

Pros of having a Hand crank USB charger

Opposite to a regular phone charger, the USB hand crank chargers have a wider spectrum of devices that can be charged, such as, a digital camera, an MP3 player, PDA Units, cellphones, etc. Depending on the model it may vary how much energy you have to spend in order to store it, but as a rule usually one minute of cranking is good enough for about 15-20 minutes of energy on the device, this is a good ratio plus if it drains out just simple re-crank it and you are ready again.

Also on the plus side, there are a lot of models in the market that are water and hit proof, this comes extra in handy if you are thinking of taking the device into the wild where getting hit and wet is almost inevitable.

Cons when purchasing a Hand crank USB charger

On the cons side, in general, USB charges are not as efficient as tailored chargers. This means that even if you get a full battery on your cell phone (100 %) with a USB hand crank charger, versus the same situation with a specific hand crank phone charger, the battery will drain out much faster on the first situation.

This may seem counterintuitive as the user may think “If I have 100% battery on both situations, why does one run out faster than the other one?”, the thing is that it depends on the quality of the charge that is why in the end charging a cell phone with a hand crank USB charger may not be as efficient as it seems, furthermore some models do not have the proper pin for Apple products. Thus it becomes almost useless with those kinds of phones.

Hand crank USB charger buyer’s guide

The most important thing to consider when buying an item of this is if you have the proper pin to make it work with the other device. Opposite to specific chargers, the USB cable is standard from one side although it may have different pins from the other side. Most of the regular USB hand crank chargers, for example, do not support Apple products, especially iPhone. So, take an extra minute to be sure that this device will get the job done and you will not end up buying a useless piece of plastic.

Conclusion – Is it worth buying and having a Hand crank USB charger?

This would be the only conclusion in which we would not recommend not buying one, but we may recommend buying specific hand crank chargers especially for the cellphones as they require very good quality of charge to work properly.

However, of course, it makes sense as the pros overcome the cons by far especially when it comes to the capabilities of virtually being able to charge almost any device wherever you are in the world. Buying a good quality hand crank USB charger that is water and hit proof is a great choice and almost a must if you are planning a trip outside into the wild.

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